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Teddy Bears' Den: Spaulding and Teddy's Web Den

Hi, I'm Spaulding T. Bear!
At my laptop.

A Teddy Bears' Den for Kids and Bears to Have Fun! Spaulding and Teddy's Web Den

Hi, I'm Teddy!
At my desktop.

Welcome to our beary own web den!  ("Intellectual" Copyright 2004-20010)

We are two, beary loved Teddy Bears. Our den shows who we are and some of our bigger adventures and projects. To keep up with us in our weekly adventures, visit our beary own Teddy Bear Journal!
We are learning how to paw-code a brand-new den, so we've stopped building this one more. Still, if you haven't visited before, it's a fun den, so go look. When our new Web Den is done, it will even be better, with things to do and places to visit. We;ll let you know here, but it probably won't be until after gardening season. The garden is a family project now.

The rooms of our home are s'plained on the bottom of our pages.

Teddy: Spaulding and I are Teddy Bear bwuders.

Spaulding: Our stuffed animal family is to the right!  Lady, the Cocker Spaniel, is my wife, and Axlerod, the basset hound, is her Daddy.

Teddy: Aunt Valentine, the bunny rabbit, is my wife, the love of my life, and she and I have Ding, as our favoritest nephew who's also a Teddy Bear, and Dee, as our favoritest niece who's a stuffed doggy!  And, as of Easter 2004, we have our beary own kids, Tee, our son the kitty cat, and Tine, our daughter the polar Teddy Bear!

Spaulding:  We love coming online, working on our Web Den, telling the latest in our Teddy Bear Journal, and visiting our other Beary Buddies at their dens.  You can visit too by clicking our beary own Web Ring below, entitled "Teddy Bear Dens!"

Teddy: We also like getting bmail from other Teddy Bears and Peoples!

Spaulding: Click the blue words for links, but don't forget to come back afterwards!

Teddy: We have all sorts of favorite places to go, so, when you want to do some traveling, check out our Our Backyard for our favorite chain link fence!  Get it?  Get it?  Link fence!  Kehehehehe

Spaulding: We have many adventures that we tell about in our Blog, which sometimes include pictures on our Back Porch!

Teddy: A Blog is like a website, but for writing on and it isn't so hard to fix up like a website!  Our Blog's name is Teddy Bear's Journal and it is linked on our Back Porch so you can check in on it as often as you want.

Spaulding: Our Mommy knows we like to write, tell about our adventures and write to our Beary Buddies, but, since keyboards weren't made for Teddy Bear paws (yet), she does our typing for us!  Say "Hi" to everybody, Mommy!

Mommy: Hi to everybody, Mommy!

Both: Kehehehehehehehehe

Teddy: We want to make this Living Room so you get to know us, but we want to update our Entertainment Room occasionally, so you can see our big adventures, like vacations and trips!

Spaulding: Mommy and I are also working on semi-autobiographical books about The Secret Life of a Teddy Bear, in hopes of getting published one day.

Our extended family.

From left to right: Axlerod (the bassett hound -- father to Lady), Dee (the stuffed doggy in the purple dress holding her Dolly -- Lady and Spaulding's daughter), Lady (the cocker spaniel -- Spaulding's wife and mother to Dee and Ding), Spaulding (the tall Teddy in the back -- brother to Teddy, husband to Lady, father to Dee and Ding), Ding (Teddy Bear in the bottom middle -- holding onto his Action Figure, GI Tee), Pez (tiny Teddy Bear Pez Dispenser with straw hat just to the right and behind Ding -- family pet, but particularly fond of Axlerod), Tine (polar bear wearing light green jumper next to Ding -- daughter of Teddy and Valentine), Teddy (big Teddy Bear next to Spaulding in the back -- brother to Spaulding, husband to Valentine, and father to Tine and Tee), Valentine (petite bunny rabbit next to Teddy, her husband -- mother to Tee and Tine) and Tee (black kitty cat to the right -- brother to Tine and cousin to Dee and Ding.)

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Teddy: That's why we do all this, so we can remember all that has happened to tell other kids about us!

Spaulding: Because of that, we have to say that everything in this web den belongs to Mommy in Peoples' World!  They call that "copyrighted!"

Teddy: If you want to borrow anything, you need our Mommy's permission and so email her by clicking here! She's beary nice, but it is only fair to ask!

Spaulding: Mommy asked us to include that for her!  She will try to keep this site strictly for Teddy Bears, their families and Peoples, who love us!

Teddy: OK, so we're done!  Go check out the rest of our site!

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Where guest can leave messages through bmail or our guest book and we show off our awards


Where we show how to cook and tell our favorite recipes


Where we store our favorite treasures


Where we store our Teddy Bear Journal and gather to tell our adventures


Where our Garden Gals show off our garden.


Where we show off our favorite chain links fence

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Where we read bedtime stories and review the books