Day 1

The garden is huge for young stuffies, small garden figurines, and little city birds. To capture the story, the photos have to encompass quite a bit. We’re limited in storage for our free web site, so, we’ve uploaded the hardest to see photos as big as we dare, so you can click on some of them to get a slightly better look. If your pointer turns into a pointing finger when it glides over the photo that means you can click it to get a larger picture. We apologize for the graininess, but hope you can see the birds in the pictures when they finally came to visit.

They find some purple tomatoes ready to pick.
A bird flies by quickly. They decide to make friends with the birds.

Ding and Tee wait with popcorn all around.
This shouldn't take too long.

Mommy sees birds two backyards away.
Tee and Ding think she is teasing them.

Here's a closer look.
The birds can't smell the popcorn.

The wind blows the popcorn way over there.
These birds eat some, but the boys can't see them that far away.

Day 2

Ding and Tee wait for birds again.
This time Yankee, Doodle, and the Garden Gnome join them.

The boys sneak away to find some birds.
This bird finds some popcorn near the vacated birdbath.

Seeing nothing, they return.
The bird on the container above them, doesn't know they're looking for her.

Can't see the bird?
Here's the close up. Click to see it bigger.

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Boys in Search of Birds

Tee and Ding gather a bouquet for their mommies.
Yankee and Doodle tell what the birds have done lately.

We are The Garden Gals -- Valentine, Tine, Lady, Dee and our Mommy (Lady and Valentine's Mommy or Dee and Tine's Grandma), but, since she has a brown thumb, we supervise her work, but let her take plenty of pictures!

This year, our guys (Teddy, Spaulding, Tee, and Ding) are helping us make our beary own gardening web site for stuffed animals, kids and brown thumbed Peoples. The link is on the menu for this web den, under "Teddy Bear Garden." We're not done yet, but we don't need to show what we've been doing in our garden on this page anymore.

All gardens need kids in them to explore, es-spear-a-mint, and have fun. Our sons (Valentine and Lady's sons) or our brothers (Tine and Dee's brothers) were busy, during the heat of August, conducting their own es-spear-a-mint!

We told them how the birds we were feeding ended up sowing some of the seeds into our garden, so they decided to meet these birds and try to make friends with them. They thought it would be easy, since their daddies made friends with Petey, the pigeon, before the boys were born.

Their grandma went out with them and took pictures. Instead of traditional garden pictures, we want this story in this Garden, so we can all enjoy them for as long as we want. We're letting their grandma tell the story, since she witnessed it all. We hope you like it! Thank you!

Day 3

Grandma tells them about the bird,...
but, if they don't see him, he doesn't exist.

Dandy, a garden teddy gal, has joined them...
but she can't see the bird on the birdbath either.

A bird sneaks popcorn into the next yard.
"If we don't see it, it doesn't exist."

Some birds prefer fresh bird seed...
like the bird in the container behind the Garden Gnome.

Two birds. Can you see them?
One still behind the Gnome and the other in the terra cotta pot.

What do they see?
The birds search for what the teddies are watching.

See four of them on the fence?
What bird can resist bird seed and popcorn?

Grandma quietly points to the birds,
but the grandsons and friends don't see them, so....

Day 4

Back in the exact same positions.
The bird behind Garden Gnome proves it works, even if not seen.

Ding sees a bird behind his right.
Gnome watches a bird doing a belly flop into the birdbath.

Can you see the third bird right behind the gnome? The group is so excited, it’s hard to keep still and keep from giggling. They look over to Grandma, behind the camera, with broad grins that clearly say, “The birds exist.”

Now, could they make friends with them, or will they scare them away? It was the first time, since this experiment started, that the heat didn’t feel as hot as it had been feeling.

They finally were in front of everyone!
Should they chance getting the birds' attention?

The birds finally face them.
They stayed so still, the birds thought they were statues.

A couple of birds knew they were real.
They slipped up behind the watering can flower container.

Some would leave,...
but this one was willing to talk to them.

Tee bravely asks if they could be friends.
The birds need to think about it. Tee is a cat, after all. He doesn't know cats eat birds.

The bird watchers stay still and wait.
"We will ask our buddies to meet with you," the birds answer.

The birds bravely become their friends.
The birds fly them over to the Teddy Bear Swimming Pool to play.

Grandma is left behind, and goes inside. When the stuffed animals find out what happen, they all rush over to the pool to meet their new friends. Axlerod is beary proud of his grandsons’ experiment – prouder still that they’ve learned to make their own friends the hard way, with small city animals. Stuffed animals make friends with each other easily. Pez and Axlerod learn everything about the experiment to record it in their laptop.

Finally, Ding and Tee know there are birds in our garden. Now they know all of them as friends.

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