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Our Office

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Working and Playing Hard

When Spaulding's laptop lost it's .dll...
Teddy reformatted all night.

Spaulding loaded programs all day
It took a week with Daddy helping.

To Do List
  1. Update our Journal.
  2. Keep learning how to improve out Web Den and how others can improve their web sites!
  3. Add our bed room for bedtime book reviews.
  4. Go to library.
  5. Search for other Teddy Bear Dens to add to our group.
  6. Write and publish articles to bring more visitors, and let other bears know we can help them on the Net.
  7. Go out and have some fun---oh!  Let's do that now!

Gotta go!

We, Spaulding and Teddy, took this quiz and found out how nerdy we are. How nerdy are you?

I am nerdier than 51% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click
                                             here to find out!

Have you been meaning to send a friend a card?


Yeah, we are bad at sending cards too!  We've come up with an idea that might help us to remember and maybe our buddies to remember!  We just found a way to give out E-cards for free in our web den, so we've made the perfect room for such a thing!  Welcome to our office!  Feel free to plunk yourself down and write that card you've been meaning to send!

This link gives you a big and FREE place to send card!  Click here!

Cards for Teddy Bear Day! (Isn't every day Teddy Bear Day?)

The blueprint for our web den!
We'll need to expand it.

We're beary thirsty, hard-working Teddy Bears! Would you help quench our thirst by donating a buck to our coffee fund? We'd be furever grateful, or... at least grateful until our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee runs out again?! Kehehehehehe (Donations are secure and go through PayPal, a trusted website belonging to Ebay.) Thank you!

Would you like your own guestbook?  Blog?  Hit Counter?  We found a cool place that gives you all these add-ons and more (even your own website backgrounds) AND it's free!  Even better (for us anyway), if you click on this link, join and use it, they give us a whole DOLLAR just for sending you (and then you can do the same thing from your den too!)  How cool is this?   Oh, go on!  Please, click the link right below, and check it out!





Living Room

Entrance to Our Web Den -- our  Welcome page

Family Room

Where we relax and tell more about us


Where we show what we've been doing lately


Where we send E-cards and tell of the process for making our web den

Message Nook

Where guest can leave messages through bmail or our guest book and we show off our awards


Where we show how to cook and tell our favorite recipes


Where we store our favorite treasures


Where we store our Teddy Bear Journal and gather to tell our adventures


Where our Garden Gals show off our garden.


Where we show off our favorite chain links fence

Future Rooms


Where we read bedtime stories and review the books