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Teddy Bears' Den: Spaulding and Teddy's Web Den

Our Attic

Where we keep our favorite stuff!

Because we have so many adventures, because Mommy likes to make so many different things for us, because we see and read so many cool things, because our good buddies give us beary cool gifts some times, we need a place to keep these things forever in our den.  Come visit this room to find our beary favorite keepers!

Our old and new Helioplaneship Boxcars fly like a heliocopter, plane or even a jet, roll on terrain like a four-wheel drive, and cut through water like a ship or over water like a hydrofoil, when they converts into our houseboat,  They also grow from a two seater hot rod to a minvan, and all the way up to the size of the largest cruise ship depending on what we want.  Beary magical vehicles suited perfectly for a family of stuffed animals! 

Our new Helioplaneship Boxcar.
It's name is "Packing List Enclosed."

Balancing the Checkbook!
Teddy and Spaulding Invent a Better Way!
Balancing a checkbook is painful, if you are like our Mommy.  It causes hair to be pulled out, eyes rolled often, funny noises coming out of the throat, and ultmately long talks with the checkbook, although it never answers.  We balance it an easier way, using this handy scale and change.  (Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee is beary important to the process!) We forget exactly how much change it took to balance the checkbook, but Mommy says our way is so much better that maybe we should sell it.  We like money, but we like to teach new ideas to Peoples even more.  Hope this helps grown up Peoples balance their checkbooks in a much easier way with our method!

Axlerod, our own unique stuffed doggy!

This is our Axlerod!
Do they look alike?
The Flying "A" campaign ad -- 1965.
The basset hound that Axlerod was made to look like.
Axlerod was given to Mommy by her Daddy when she was a little girl.  Her Daddy worked for Mobil most of his life, except for a couple of years, when he worked for Tide Water, better known as "The Flying 'A,'" and eventually becoming Getty, which was then bought out by Texaco. Her Daddy brought Axlerod home from his job, so Mommy always thought that Axlerod was a Mobil Oil promotional gift.
We decided to search the Internet to find Axlerod's roots!  Much to our surprise, and Axlerod's surprise, he came from Tide Water, not Mobil, AND there was only one web site that told his origins.  Mommy was close to guessing his age!  He was born in 1965, so was 39 in August, 2004. (He never wanted to become older then Jack Benny, so we celebrate anniversaries of his 39th birthday now, instead.) The following is copied from TV Acres, the web site about TV characters over the decades, that told us about Axlerod!  Axlerod is a celebrity!  Imagine that!
Axlerod - Floppy-eared hound lived in an "A" shaped dog house featured in a series of Flying "A" Service Station advertisements in the 1960s.  Axlerod appeared in a "Worry" campaign accompanied with phrases like "When it comes to your car...oooh, do we worry!" and "The house that worry built."  The ads ran in magazines like Saturday Evening Post in 1965.

Some of Mommy's favorite hobbies on her wreath!
For Teddy Bears--fabric for clothes, thread, yarn to crochet, and little Teddies!

Swing made for two!
We'll need to remember this sunny summer day in the cold winter.

Here we are! Look, Ma, no paws!
We like climbing so high on these rings!

Spaulding pointing out the hawk.
Click the picture, and maybe you'll see it!

Santa and Sandy Paws came to stay...
and listened to our kids' gift list.

Now that Santa and Sandy live with us...
we lined up to give them our gift lists.

Gathering on Daddy's new afghan.
Mommy made that stained glass carousel horse long ago.

Putting the garland away.
Why are you laughing, Mommy?

No Biking at Philadelphia's City Hall...
unless, obviously, you are a policeman!

We'll always be Eagle fans!
E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles, Eagles, goooooooo, Eagles!

This is from our vacation to Cape May in 2005!
We made our beary own drip castle in the sand!

Our trip to Rittenhouse Square.
Cooling off in the Tuscany Cafe in Center City Philadelphia.

Mommy says this is why she doesn't peel quickly!
I don't understand what she means?!

The pebbles are heavy and it's hot...
so we took off our shirts before dumping the pebbles in the pot.

We help in the garden all the time.
Here we are cleraning rust off of the birdbath. Why don't they have latex gloves for teddies?

Hiking in our favorite park.
This is FDR Park in South Philly, where our Teddy Bear Pool and Hotel NOLA are.

How often do you get to ride dinosaurs?
Click the picture to see us on the dinosaur's back.

Now this is a job for Teddy Bears...
except, we are afraid they wouldn't have enough hotdogs to pay us!

Just for St. Patrick's Day, we've changed our name
--March 17th only, we are Spaulding McBear and Teddy O'Bear!

This is from our autumn hike.
We climbed beary, beary high!

Haloween 2005

From Right to Left: That's not a pillow next to Axlerod -- that's Pez dressed like Ax's pillow. (He likes being cuddled by Axlerod!) And Axlerod is dressed like an Eagle's fan, Below Ax's is Valentine, Teddy's wife, dressed like a Phillies baseball player. Above Val is Ding, Spaulding and Lady's son, dressed as The Great Pumpkin. Next is Teddy dressed like an Eagle's player. In front of him is Tee, Teddy and Valentine's son, dressed like his hero, his Daddy -- Teddy the Tool Bear Fix-it Bear, complete with tool box, construction hat, and his Daddy's tool belt. Above Tee is his sister, who also wanted to dress up as The Great Pumpkin! (She thinks The Great Pumpkin is scary, so her costume is scarier then Ding's!) And next to them is Spaulding, who also dressed as an Eagles player. (Teddy and Spaulding are available to play with the Eagles, since apparently they are needed. Being Teddy Bears, they both know how to play all positions beary well!) Next to Spaulding is Lady, his wife, dressed up as a pirate, Lady style! And, next to Lady is her and Spaulding's daughter, Dee, dressed as a ghost.

Sledding on our own hill!
Mommy really wrapped us up to go sledding, but it's worth it!

Our Easter outfits.
Valentine loved Teddy's look!

Eagles fans on Christmas 2006

Daddy found this for Mommy.
It's the perfect bank for her, isn't it !

Our beary own fire truck!
Isn't it perfect?

October 2006,
the day we met forrest gnome and Black Bear.

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