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Our Family at the Flower Show

The first thing we see.
Standing next to the blooming wall.

We have many pictures from the 2007 Philadelphia Flower Show, so we’re going to divide them into different locations in our Teddy Bear Web Den. The theme was Ireland, but not everything is green. See if you can tell how each picture can remind you of Ireland.

We left early, a’cuz of all the mean Peoples were constantly blocking Daddy’s wheelchair, so this page is where we’ll have the pictures of us at the show. We’ll also show some in Our Entertainment Room, and place most of them in our Teddy Bear Garden, since it has more room for pictures still. It’s going to take a while to upload, but we’ll let you know when each page is ready here, and in our Teddy Bear Journal. Hope you enjoy!

Assume our Garden Gals wanted one of everything, except for dinosaurs.

Sharing Views

A path illegal to explore...
but we still look good in front of it.

Fairies in a small garden.
We all had to check it out closely.

Our wives are in the back, enjoying the whole view. Our daughters are looking at the fairies’ faces, standing right in the fairies’ shells. Our sons are at the top, after climbing a huge leaf. Pez asked Axlerod to sniff the spice flowers, to see if he can smell paprika, since that’s where that spice is gathered. (Ax sneezed for half an hour.) We’re just making sure no one butts in to ruin the shot!

Pez found the bonsai exhibit.
From left to right, Ding, Tee, Pez, Ax, Tine and Dee. See them all?

Since Pez showed his favorite place...
Ax lead Pez down an unusual garden path. Doggy friendly.

Teddy found a amazing path, too.
A perfect home for my honey bunny!

My bunny loved it!
Val, with Tine and Dee, in front of the bunny home.

Since Teddy revealed the lovely home to Val,...
Val showed Teddy a buddy she met, and a tree design she wanted.

“The tree is called ‘espalier.’ That means it has been pruned and wired into that shape. Gardeners do this for several reasons, besides it looks cool, literally. In the summer time, the tree shades the side of the house from the hot sun. But that’s not why we need a tree in our garden to look like this. We’d like a fruit tree, but, since we have a 16’ X 16’ garden, even if we bought the smallest fruiting tree, it would grow to be 10’ wide in a container, so would take up too much room, and give us too little sun. If we could espalier a fruit tree like this, it would be almost like it was a two dimensional tree, perfect for our garden,” Valentine taught Ted.

“How did you learn about this?” Teddy asked.

“I’d like to introduce you to my new buddy, who watches over this garden, and taught me about espaliering,” answered Val, with a shy bunny rabbit smile. She then stepped back to introduce Ted to the guardian of the garden, the bunny rabbit under the tree. Teddy wasn’t used to seeing bunnies bigger then a bear, but this one reminded him of one of his favoritestest storybook bunnies, Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit’s cousin.

Can you see him?

Here's a closer look.
We didn't ask him if he was the Benjamin.

Different Adventures

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest flower show in the whole, wide world. They like to make sure there is something for everyone and all kinds of families to enjoy. We split up with different family members, so we could all make the most of the exhibits.

How much are those Garden Gals in the window?
The Garden Gals discover this shop window with the garden out front.

Such massive flowers!
They liked this cottage, too. See them on the path?

Investigating a huge crystal ball.
Pez, Tee, and Ding asked Axlerod about it, but he didn't know either.

We found a cottage with a pond in front.
Spauld visits the ponds fairy to the left, while Ted leaps across rocks.

We showed our sons this pond,...
but the raptors chased us away. Dinosaurs at a Flower Show? Cool!

This exhibit had wooden shoes for some reason.
Spaulding watches as the kids and Pez investigate. No raptors!

Our daughters visit the gardener in the back.
Lady watches carefully as our sons ride a lily pad.

Pez and our kids riding a sheep and her kid.
This was a safe garden, so we relaxed a while, while our kids played.

Tine and Dee loved this arrangement.
A section of the show was for judging arrangements and plants.

Then they invited us to a Tea Party.
Just fathers and daughters, but the teacups were glass over long thin bases.

Ding and Tee were climbing another display.
Their mothers always worry they will fall, but kids climb.

Aloooooone Time

Our wives were so upset, after watching our sons. Axlerod and Pez took our kids for some dinner at the Reading Terminal. They enjoy it there, so much. It also gave us some aloooooooone time with our sweeties.

We found a Teddy Bear size church,...
so we renewed our wedding vows. Our wives loved us for it. (We got kisses.)

They decide where we would have dinner.
They have very good taste, doncha think?

We went off on our own.
Spaulding and Lady cuddling in a small cave.

Teddy and Valentine dancing.
Do you mind? We want to dance alone!

It was time to go to enjoy the Reading Terminal with our Teddy Bear family and our parents. It was a wonderful night for us, but not so fun for Mommy and Daddy.

Still, we have lots more pictures – none of us – just the Flower Show. We’ll let you know when we’ve put more up in other sections. Please be patient.

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Our Garden Gals want to make a topiary, again this year. Last year they made Fuzzie Wuzzie, a Teddy Bear topiary with ivy growing on him. This year, they want to make something different. Remembering that Valentine is a bunny, Lady and Dee are doggies, and Tine is a polar bear (but we already have a bear?!), they have some ideas. In the garden are little figurines of turtles, a snail, bigger gnomes and, more bears. We consider all our buddies in the garden as friends, so they are considering those choices, too. Anyway, let us know what you think they should make. Thanks.

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