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Philadelphia Flower Show 2007

We Need These

Topiaries can be in any shape.
These rainbow painters are topiaries, too.

If we had enough space and money, we’d have all of these ideas in our garden – well, almost all. Some things we want, our Garden Gals won’t agree to include, some just won’t work in our garden, and some cannot be done because they are impractical for our parents’ disabilities. These are all photos of what we would like, and, if you happen to want to give us any of them, we’d be happy to accept them (if our wives say we can. Kehehehehe)

Impossible Dreams

Wondering why we included such a boring garden?

It belongs to this.
Our summer home.

Our dream back yard, complete with fireplace.

Can this little pond fit in a 16' X 16' backyard?

We want this little waterfall and brook, too.

It really goes much slower then it looks here.
We need this waterwheel on our brook.

Now can you see how the waterfall and pond can fit into our yard?

Another view to see the mound to set more plants.

Why is he sleeping in the yard?
We want the landscape, not the crowd.

We want this too,...
but it would be hard to place it near the pond and creek.

Our garden is purples and blues,...
but give us some these, and we'll go reds and pinks.

Add this table onto our pond and were set!
That floor isn't shiny, it's on a low level pond!

Can you see the pond better?
That's a flower arrangement on the table, not a tree.

Give us this, and well do whites and silvers!
This is the tea party table that our daughters picked out for us.

We'd like wisteria, too,...
but it needs something beary strong to lean on.

The wisteria is the purple flowering tree under the candle lit tree. How do they light candles in a tree without burning it up? Our Garden Gals don’t care – they just want this in the corner of our garden.

Can we have this in another corner?
The sand trap's for our kids and the putting green is for us

We need this Christmas tree made of flowers.
We like the green Bells of Ireland flowers. We're trying to grow them from seeds again this year.

Our daughters want the gown...
and the pretty plant beach balls on the lawn.

You'd think the Garden Gals would want this,..
but they don't like dinosaurs, even baby ones like this one.

We'd like these too,...
but we just can't talk them into garden guards this big.

Would you steal from a garden with these in it?
This is what were talking about!!!

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Bonsai are also known as Teddy Bear trees (to Teddy Bears), a’cuz they are just the perfect size for us. There are 15 styles of bonsais, and we have pictures of many. If you would like to learn more, click here, and it will send you to a site that describes each style. Good luck guessing which each style is a’posed to be.

We'll take that container.
If we had the room, we'd have these bonsai, too.

We like the baby bonsai...
right below the big, powerful bonsai.

It takes decades to make bonsai look like this!
We're learning how to create our own bonsai - reading books and buying supplies.

A six foot tree is still a bonsai -
just a beary big bonsai!

Just a closer look.
Does it look like a broom to you?

The trunk is two colors,...
a'cuz part of it has no bark, on purpose.

This probably covers all the other styles of bonsai.

Possible Dreams

A nice place to sit and enjoy.

Some of our neighbors have yards this big.
It has so many flowers, some fell in front of the gate?!

If we can't have the sheep and spinning wheel,...
Can we have the wooden container back there and the straw for mulch?

And we need fairies...
And mushroom lights like this.

The dog is topiary, like our Teddy will be.
Can we have the doghouse? The flowers are the right level for Mommy, and it's a good fort.

We love this Teddy Bearsized church!
Mommy wants the trough! We are accepting spare troughs you might have.

Here's a close up.
That water pump would be a nice addition to the garden.

Our church has more troughs.
This one is so big; it has rose bushes in it.

No window box needed!
Wouldn't this be a nice window for our church?

We just like this scene, and want the jar for a terrarium.

The perfect gift for Daddy and Mommy!
The table and flowers for Mommy -- the 6-pack of stout form Daddy.

This sustainable garden does two things:
It uses junk parts to make things and grows only edible produce.

Edible flowers cascading down...
along side vining vegetables. We think squash.

Carrots below, basil above,...
colorful chard in the background.

This garden has less space then ours, but using recycled parts and wood, plus using the same areas above and below ground, a family can have all the produce it needs all summer. How? Read The Edible Container GardenGrowing Fresh Food in Small Gardens by Michael Guerra. We’re trying our paw at it already, planting spinach above the garlic we planted last autumn. Some times we can get what we need. Kehehehehehe

We're beary thirsty, hard-working Teddy Bears! Would you help quench our thirst by donating a buck to our coffee fund? We'd be furever grateful, or... at least grateful until our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee runs out again?! Kehehehehehe (Donations are secure and go through PayPal, a trusted website belonging to Ebay.) Thank you!

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