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For Everyone

The USA Post Office commemorated the 100th anniversary for the Teddy Bear in 2001 by making Teddy Bear Stamps.  Even if the price for a stamp has gone up, it's still a good stamp to put on your mail, but they have discontinued making it!  Now the subject matter for stamps in the US are decided by a committee of 14 members, none working for the post office!  They have a bunch of rules that they must follow, and it's beary interesting reading.  We're telling all this, because we want the Teddy Bear stamp back in circulation again!  Want to help us?  You have to be from the USA, know their rules and send your request by snail mail, but, please help us, and click here for all the info you need to bring back our stamp!  Thank you!

Are you a Teddy Bear or does your Teddy Bear want to join a group of other Internet savvy Teddy Bears online?  Here's the group we've joined -- Teddy Bear Fun!  Come and join us and have some fun!  We accept all stuffies, and even Peoples, who feed us or need hugs.

Want a free dictionary to download? Try Softbear's  Pardon dictionary.

An informational Blog for everyone, written by a grandpa teddy bear!

For Teddy Bears

When you need a good cleaning or repairs, this is the place to go! It's a spa-like hospital, not the scary kind, although she specializes in pet-chewed-on  repairs for all of us stuffies! We've gone -- for a minor change (Spaulding had his beans removed) and the full-fledge Spa Treatment with cleaning. We were a'scared, but Dr. Hanna is beary loving and a great massagerer for stuffed animals!

All about Teddy Bears, but a lot of it is in German.

Many of our favorite links for Teddy Bears are in our Web Ring called "Teddy Bear Dens," which you can find towards the bottom of our rooms.  All those sites are for Teddy Bears and don't sell anything, like our web den.  Please go visit our friends through that ring.  It's a lot of fun!

This is our buddy, Tequilla Teddy, first Web Den! It is from back when he had a home and large family in New Orleans, before Hurricane Katrina. He, J.D. and their Mommy, Rose, live in California now, while their Daddy works hard to get them back into their home town. They lost the rest of their teddy bear family. Beary sad, but their family is slowly growing again, and they are still happy Teddy Bears! Now, remember, no drinking alcohol until you become a grown up, like Tequilla Teddy, but his den is a beary grand den indeed, worth visiting for all Teddies and stuffies!

Stuffed Animal Bloggers:
If we forgot you, let us know! The More stuffies, the better!

Our wives and daughters, The Garden Gals, go crazy over this site! It's about Teddy Bears in gardens! Can it get any better then that?!

Get the latest news in from Teddy Bear World with Scoop Schaumburg, a Teddy Bear reporter. Here's his new site! And here's his old site. Both are worth visiting!

Stiffsteiff Teddy Bears web site tells the story of many well loved, and fiesty Teddies.

The Berenstain Bears

Cool board for bears and kids!

These other message boards are for Teddy Bears to write to one another:

Do you like binary code? Click here to convert binary to Engliah, or English to binary.

For Kids

Tee's favorite Fairy Tale site!

Great site for kid's crafts and learning ideas!

Want to make your beary own Teddy Bear? You don't have to use fabric and stuffing. Here's some other ways to make us.

Some times squirrels just need to dance!  Watch their rendition of Disco Sauna!

Get your very own Teddy Bear Hug graphic for use on web pages and forum signatures!

This is a game site that's created by a teenager! He's going to be rich and famous some day soon, because he's so good!

Christmas fun should be all year round. Want some now? Visit our buddy Bear Claus' site.

There are 299,968,595 people in the U.S. How many have your name?

For Grown-ups

Animated shorts and other visuals to make you laugh hard! Not always appropriate language for kids though! Also has links to good downloading places! It's our favorite local radio show -- WMGK -- Classic Rock!

We live near a famous skateboarding park. It's also where we take our hikes with Mommy and Daddy.  We just thought you might like to take your kids or Teddy Bears to watch, if you're ever in Philadelphia, PA.

We know a site about Teddy Bears by Teddy Bears, who claim to be from another world. Some if their ideas are scary for us, so, only go after your Mommy or Daddy checks them out first.  Scoops' Dispatches

This is Curly Bear's Den.
He's well mannered, but drinks beer, so it's up to your parents if you can visit him.

For Viral Video Watchers

Viral, when used as a computer term, means the practice or pattern of Internet use that moves from being to being. We've been "viral" for a while, since we have our beary own blog, however, we're also enjoying videos that are traveling around the Internet too. If you like seeing videos, and have a computer that's new enough to get them to stream (not stop and start like old 'puters would do), then visit these links and enjoy some beary important ...errr, fun videos! These will be enjoyed by all ages.

Here are some videos from our good buddies, Bob T. Bear and Dilly St. George, the croco-dragon.
Bob's - 

Our Video Poems -

Music video for the Dutch Band, LPG, that includes a couple of special Teddy Bears.

The song In the Jungle song by a hippo with unwanted help from a doggy.

Some times squirrels just need to dance!  Watch their rendition of Disco Sauna!

The love story of two Teddy Bears, Gary and Amy.
Episode 1 of a spoof on the 1960s cult-classic TV series, The Prisoner, set in the same village, but with all parts played by Teddy Bears and stuffies.
Episode 2 of the same spoof. We really think it's done well, and it's not too scary, even for little ones!

The famous Teddy Bears Picnic in video. (Not the scary one!)

Powder, the Santa-like Teddy Bear.

These aren't well behaved Teddy Bears, but we think they were just bored.

Spinning Santa Bear.

For Those Who Want to Help Others

Below are places where Peoples and bears can help others in need through giving of Teddy Bears, or money or words of comfort.  You don't have to be a certain age to help, but, if you are a child, get help from your parents to help others.

Floydie Bear, is not a well mannered bear, but he is a beary helpful bear, giving of his time and effort to help a young woman in Africa go to school to become a nurse, and her mother, who is unnecessarily blind. Visit his web den with a grown up, so Floydie doesn't teach you any bad habits, but do visit his web den! He is gross, but funny, and ever so helpful. Definitely a place to check out, and, hopefully, help some women and some Teddy Bears.

We live in Philadelphia, PA. If anyone, who visits here, also lives in Philly and wants to help our local kids, we found a great organization, Philadelphia Children's Alliances, that helps abused kids. Please check out their web site, especially if you can, donate Teddy Bears, and/or money! And remember, you don't have to live around here to help these kids!

I'm sure you know how Bear-apuetic bears are for Peoples, particularly young Peoples (although we are caregivers to beary OLD Peoples ourselves!) Well, you will be amazed on how many ways bears can help Peoples. Did you know we are used in nursing homes, like doggies? Did you know we can be used to help explain surgeries for kids? Want to learn more, or learn how to help others using bears? Here's a link to a friend of ours -- Teddy Bear Power!

Give Teddy Bears to people in crisis, like after hurricane Katrina!

ModestNeeds.Org - Small Change. A World Of Difference.

Want to help others by sewing, or crocheting, or any needlecrafts? Sewing Charity can link you to all sorts of people who need help!

We're beary thirsty, hard-working Teddy Bears! Would you help quench our thirst by donating a buck to our coffee fund? We'd be furever grateful, or... at least grateful until our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee runs out again?! Kehehehehehe (Donations are secure and go through PayPal, a trusted website belonging to Ebay.) Thank you!

Would you like your own guestbook?  Blog?  Hit Counter?  We found a cool place that gives you all these add-ons and more (even your own website backgrounds) AND it's free!  Even better (for us anyway), if you click on this link, join and use it, they give us a whole DOLLAR just for sending you (and then you can do the same thing from your den too!)  How cool is this?   Oh, go on!  Please, click the link right below, and check it out!





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