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Our Family Room

Mommy and Spaulding at Creeper's
Mommy's drawing of us in Morrowind!
Mommy likes playing a roll playing game called Morrowind and let's us all go traveling with her through that land to fight animals and bad guys and to complete quests!  We enjoy going with her, even if, some of the time is spent doing boring things like selling our loot to Creeper, the scamp merchant!  Creeper is funny though!  It's like going to Teddy Bear World with Mommy using our laptop!

Fishing Buddies!
The best way for bears to catch fish!

We also like going off on our own!  Isn't this a better way for bears to catch fish then to try to bite them or drag them out with our paws?  It works better for us, anyway!

 Our Favorites

Taste: coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee with biscotti, HOT DOGS, animal crackers, soft ice cream in cones, and Sundaes, Mondaes, Tuesdaes, Wednesdaes, Thursdaes, Fridaes, and Saturdaes. (We're magical, so can like things that aren't good for peoples!)  (Mommy Note: Try explaining to stuffed animals that they are always called "Sundaes" even if eaten on other days of the week!  LOL)

Movies: Winnie the Pooh movies (all of them), Toy Story, Toy Story II, Finding NemoET, Fantasia, Pirates of the Carribean, and all of Star Wars.

TV Shows: Smackdown!, Jeopardy!, The Three StoogesHeroes, Lost, Jericho, 24, Prisonbreak, and Tarzan (the cartoon).

Things: our family and buddies, Big Daddy God (named Abba in the Bible), horsey rides, hugs and kisses, dancing, napping, playing pretend guitars, keyboards and drums, money, the secret trap door in Mommy's backpack, snow, flowers, adventures, and playing games on the computer.  We also love our heliplaneship boxcar, a box that converts into a helicopter, a plane, a boat, and/or a car.

 Our Favorite Sayings

"Remember the important things of life -- playing and toys forever!"

"Watch out for me!  I'm really tough.  I've torn a lion apart!  Yeah, it was a dandelion!  Why do you ask?"

"There is nothing that can go so wrong that a hug from your favorite Teddy Bear can't help!"

"Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee...pleeease, need COFFEE!"

"If we are what we eat, then why aren't we hotdogs?"

We're beary thirsty, hard-working Teddy Bears! Would you help quench our thirst by donating a buck to our coffee fund? We'd be furever grateful, or... at least grateful until our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee runs out again?! Kehehehehehe (Donations are secure and go through PayPal, a trusted website belonging to Ebay.) Thank you!

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Living Room

Entrance to Our Web Den -- our  Welcome page

Family Room

Where we relax and tell more about us


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Where we send E-cards and tell of the process for making our web den

Message Nook

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Where we show how to cook and tell our favorite recipes


Where we store our favorite treasures


Where we store our Teddy Bear Journal and gather to tell our adventures


Where our Garden Gals show off our garden.


Where we show off our favorite chain links fence

Future Rooms


Where we read bedtime stories and review the books